Cre-ting Useful Content to the World

There is nothing ordinary, we guess.
Food, clothing and shelter of our lives, and something extra. The way of working is also related to them.
We focus on your lifestyles through our creativity.
The tradition and culture, and people’s feelings which should be kept. Excitement when you encounter various sense of values and new ideas.
To increase the number of choices for a bright future.
We are the company which the Force [the 4th kind /new species/ force] offers the clues for making your future more interesting.


Where was this cloth made?
From the moment the cloth is produced to the moment various memorial events are held with it.
We produce works into which makers put their heart.
We offer hands-on values as an experience to have you feel an affection toward all you get.

How was this rice made?
The ingredients can continue to be produced because of the suitable climate for growing.
Also, they are eaten in the best way because of the deep understanding of theland.
We produce works through which makers and receivers can share their sense of values.
We offer sustainable lifestyles to provide bodya and ecoafriendly “health”.

What is the town where we live?
There are various local cultures and lifestyles.
We introduce the fun and attraction of the place from our unique perspective. We record originality which you will never experience anywhere else and offer lifestyles with spices.

It is boring to just live each day.
We discover enjoyment in your life, and find pleasure, anger, laughter andtears.
“What is the real productive life?”, our proposition allows the evolution of new creativity and technology to accelerate through “music”, “art”, “design”, “education”, “town revitalization” and so on.